About Us

Inspired by the future and mindful of the past, the attorneys at Rodio & Brown find it a most exhilarating time to practice law. Fueled by technology, the world is spinning faster than ever before. In its wake, the law is being propelled into arenas that may have not even existed just years ago. Even long-established legal issues are affected in subtle ways by today’s dynamic legal climate.

Founded in 1994, Rodio & Brown is one of Rhode Island’s leading boutique law firms. Rodio & Brown is comprised of an imaginative, aggressive, multi-disciplinary team of attorneys. By remaining focused on our strengths, we are able to better utilize the highly-specialized talents of each member of the firm. Our spirited approach to the practice of law is balanced by an uncompromising commitment to maintaining its highest standards.

Rodio & Brown pledges to keep its fees fair, competitive, and uniform. We do it with a commitment to responsible representation and a streamlined office structure that is intolerant of inefficiency. You can expect legal fees to be discussed – and put in writing – at the onset of our relationship.